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If you haven’t heard, and it’s hard to believe that you haven’t, Cherokee Nation Community & Cultural Outreach has monthly live events covering a wide range of topics. Are you sad you missed them? Do yourself and your family a favor by going to the Cherokee Nation YouTube channel links below. And keeping checking your emails from [email protected] (including your spam folder) for continuing updates to our monthly series!

All events, past and present, will be available at Cherokee Nation Wherever we are – YouTube

Traditional Cherokee Games
Cherokee Marbles Guide – Download
Stickball Guides on YouTube – Here
Chunkey – Here
Cherokee Spirituality is crucial to the Cherokee people. As interpreted by elders the Cherokee Prayer is a guide for you to use in your personal reflections.
The Cherokee Community Values guides us in our lifeways and teaches us how best to treat others.
The ancient festivals many of which are still practiced, keeps us mindful of our place in this world and our relationship with each other, the flora and fauna, and with Unetlanvhi (Creator/Great Spirit/God). Cherokee Prayer Download
Cherokee Community Values Download
Six Important Cherokee Festivals Download
Removal Routes and Guide View on Google Maps
Cherokee Medal of Patriotism Application Download
Cherokee Veteran’s Memorial Brick Application Download

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